Thursday, June 11, 2009

How God Provided for Our Adoption Expenses

In March 2007 we applied with our adoption agency, AWAA, to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia. We had no idea how we were going to pay for it at all, but each time a payment was due we had the money. Here are some of the ways God provided:

  • Both Pete and I received extra side jobs (mostly freelance)--this helped especially with the smaller amounts due

  • We received a matching grant from Life International, now Lifesong For Orphans, and in total raised over $9000 thanks to the gifts of friends and family.

  • We read this book and got inspired to go down to one car. We sold both cars and bought a van.

  • We received a grant from the Lydia Fund.

  • We made use of the Adoption Tax Credit, which we received after the adoption was complete.

  • We received a no-interest loan from the ABBA Fund.

  • We took out bank loans and used our credit card to help with expenses until we received the tax credit.

  • We held 2 garage sales with item donations from people in our church and raised over $1000.

We are so incredibly blessed to see how God provided for this adoption. How will he provide for the next one?

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