Thursday, June 11, 2009

curriculum for 09/10

So Aidan wants to homeschool starting this summer, but I've decided not to start it formally until fall. This summer we're just casually working though workbooks and participating at both local library reading programs. We signed up Aidan for a class at the zoo that will meet 3 times over the summer. He will even get to interact with a real-live wild animal! We're part of a co-op this month with the homeschool group from our church, where Aidan is learning about art, birds, and poetry. And Aidan's in taekwondo. Sounds like a full summer to me!!

Anyone who knows me knows that when I get interested in something, I research it to death. I think I lived and breathed homeschool books and Web sites for a good couple of months. I talked with lots of friends who homeschool. And I finally came down to these options for grade K:

So here's some questions for you veteran homeschoolers:

  1. What do you use for a literature component in the early grades if you don't use Sonlight?

  2. What do you use for a Bible component in the early years?

We're all itching to get started. It was a happy day today when the mailman dropped off some boxes from amazon! Pete won a $100 gc to amazon through a contest at work, and I had gotten a $5 gc from Swagbucks, so we were able to order some last few things there for free! And I actually got most of our books here and by having an Usborne book party.


  1. Yeah! Love your blog. I will be following. :)


  2. I love your blog! Igor used Handwriting without tears and loved it!

  3. haha! you sound like me! i have spent HOURS this month researching homeschooling. it has been fun, i must admit. caleb will be starting k-5 this year and i will be doing singapore math, switching over to right start math. then we are doing sing, spell, read and write which he loves. i am planning on using tapestry of grace in the future as i anticipate having children on several levels. i feel in love with the curriculum and i think i will start this year, lightly, and do the year one over a two yr. period. for science we will get books out of the library and study animals for around 20wks, human body 6wks and plants 6 wks. that is the least! best of luck to you!
    enjoyed reading all your posts!
    hilary forrest