Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sonlight Affiliate

I have decided to become a Sonlight Affiliate. I love their company so much that I want to tell others about it.

Here's what they have to say:
"Sonlight is the leading literature-based homeschool curriculum provider. Families in the U.S. and around the world enjoy our literature-rich, internationally-focused curriculum. Our goal is to empower parents to nurture enthusiastic, life-long learners who are motivated and equipped to follow Christ wherever He leads and in whatever He calls them to do. Our curriculum comes from an Evangelical Christian perspective.

We offer complete curriculum in all subjects for Preschool through 12th grade. Our specialty is our Core Programs, which are literature-based packages that weave together History, Geography, Bible and Literature."

There are SO many reasons why we love Sonlight:
  1. It all started for me with their catalog. Their free annual catalog is full of amazing Sonlight stories along with most of their products, broken down by core. This year, when it came in the mail, I spent a week pouring over every square inch. I return to it often to get ideas. I get so excited to see what is ahead for my kids in the upcoming cores!
  2. I have a Master's degree in English specializing in children's literature. I love the book choices that Sonlight gives, and I love how the core subjects really are weaved together. Tonight we were talking about the Quakers and Puritans in one of our history books, and I was able to refer to our literature book, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, and how "the witch" in that book is really a Quaker.
  3. We feel like buying the core is worth every penny. In kindergarten for Aidan, I got the instructor's guide and then found the books on my own. We loved the curriculum, but we were scared away by the price. For 1st and 2nd grade, we used their booklists from their catalog, getting them piecemeal used or off of amazon or from the library, while we supplemented with other curriculum. I had to patch together my own version of the reading lists and schedule all the books on my own. Now, I absolutely adore the planning part of homeschooling. Seriously. But the job of planning out all those books (at least the ones I could find) plus other books I supplemented with about did me in. For 3rd grade, we decided to fully use the Sonlight plan, and what a difference! The instructor's guide is fully planned out, all 36 weeks, in a 4 or 5 day schedule. The books are layered together in such a way that we can have amazing discussions about, for instance, the Aztecs, Incans, and Mayans in History, talk about what the Bible has to say about their belief systems and how they are different, look at maps and discuss where and when these peoples lived, and read literature related to these peoples. We are able to talk deeply because we are studying deeply. And we're having so much fun! This thoughtful weaving together of ideas coupled with the lesson plans (with extra notes, maps, and discussion points) make the core a steal of a deal--and you get all the books!
  4. Since we have 3 kids, and we all use Sonlight, we can spread the costs out on all 3 kids. Also, having the books available to them means they will be read and read again. The book choices are so excellent that there is no risk of them just collecting dust. Right now we already have P3/4, P4/5, and cores A-D. From here out we just have to buy Aidan's core and then the instructor's guide for the other cores (since we didn't use the IGs at that time).
  5. Language Arts is now included with every core. So not only do we get Bible, History, Geography, and Literature, we add Reading and Writing, with optional Vocab/Phonics scheduled. Sonlight also has recommendations for Spelling, Handwriting, Math, Science, and electives. You can even get a multi-subject package and order it all at one time!
  6. Since 2005, Sonlight has been able to give 50% of their profits to missions work. Read more about it here.
Potential Sonlight customers can get free personalized help from a Sonlight Curriculum Advisor. And Sonlight ships anywhere in the world.

Get your free Sonlight catalog and discover the way you wish you'd been taught!

Still not sure? Check out Sonlight's web site for yourself!

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