Thursday, October 11, 2012

gluten free

Over a year ago Aidan had a bunch of health issues. After many, many tests, we cut way back on dairy for him. It worked! We tried switching him back about 6 months later, and we immediately saw the symptoms return. Back to the dairy restrictions.

This fall, we put him on a gluten free diet for a 6-week trial. After a couple of weeks in, we knew we were in this long term. We saw so many immediate changes, especially with his mood and his appetite.

I just took the kids to the pediatrician and I wanted to share our results with her and ask some questions. She said right away that she could see the change in his color. She said he even looks healthier! We agreed that we were on the right track with him. And I was so excited that he's gained 2 lbs in less than a year! That is HUGE for him!

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