Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring break!

We are on spring break this week and enjoying the rest. This week we have a bunch of doctor appts, but I hope to spend some time at local parks, spring cleaning, going through the kids' clothes, and just generally goofing off and having fun with the kids.

The kids and I have started seeing a chiropractor. My neck has been in a lot of pain for a few weeks, and I've aggrevated an old injury that never fully healed. We've been sick so much this winter that I thought it would be good for all of us to go, and we have some pre-tax medical money we need to use up before we lose at the end of the fiscal year. The kids like going to the "popcorn doctor" and are responding very well to treatment. The doc also thinks he can work with us on Aidan's sensory processing disorder, so we shall see. And my headaches are gone. I still have a lot of pain, but I'm slowly getting more range of motion. We've only had 3 visits.

I'm starting to think through next year's school plans. We will continue with some curriculum and change a few things. The biggest change is that we will add Brendan and Iona into our school time. And I'm considering switching to a year-round model. But, for now, I'm making my supply lists and saving up money for new curriculum.

Definitely will use: Story of the World Vol 2 (history), Math U See Beta (math), Apologia Zoology 1 (science), First Language Lessons 2 (grammar), Handwriting without Tears gr 3-4 workbooks (handwriting), Writing With Ease 2 (writing), Harmony Art Mom grade 2 (music and art), and a literature list of books from Sonlight/Ambleside Online/other sources, Confession of a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week curriculum (for Brendan and Iona).

Considering: Spelling Workout C/Spelling Power/Sequential Spelling, Veritas Press Gen-Joshua (Bible), character and hymn study resources on Simply Charlotte Mason's site.

Pete and I are planning to go to our first homeschool convention in June, so we're hoping for some ideas and clarity and a little getaway!

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