Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the realization

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. When Aidan realized he was going to share us with a sibling. He was four.

We had driven to the library and parked across the street in our little two-door coupe. Aidan was chatting with us about his sister coming home. He got all sad and weepy and said, "But you're MY mommy and daddy!" At this point we were all crying. We got into the back seat with him (no small feat) and held him and told him how much we loved him, but that we loved his sister too.

That moment happened tonight with Iona.

She was sitting up in bed, well after lights out. I walk upstairs to find out why she is calling me. She looks really sad.

Iona: Mommy, why is Brendan living in our house?

Me: What do you mean, Iona? He's not here yet, but he's coming soon to live with us.

Iona: But you're not HIS mommy. You're MY mommy!

Me (hugging her): I am Aidan's mommy and Iona's mommy AND Brendan's mommy.

We went round and round about this for a little while and then she got all goofy and got herself into trouble.

I'm so blessed by my kiddos, and I'm so honored that Iona sees me as her mommy, no questions asked. I know the questions will come one day, but I'm thrilled at her attachment to me and her starting to think through having a new member of the family.

Meanwhile, Pete and I are reading through Ann Voscamp's One Thousand Gifts, and we've both just started our "gift lists." I'm excited to see what God will do in our hearts and in our family as a result.


  1. How precious! It's hard to believe she's old enough to have these conversations with you in the first place! I'm hoping I get to see her and Aidan (and Brendan?!?) in September!

  2. Ah, so cute. What a beautiful heart your little girl has! Thanks for sharing her with us.