Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sick, sick, sick

Right before we went apple picking, the kids got sick and got put on antibiotics. Congestion but no fever. They both finished their meds and were not better. So another 10 days of meds went by. Our doc even said we could do a second round of the second med if we wanted to make sure it was cleared up. We decided not to, even if they were still sick. They seem fine now, although today they were both coughing just a little. They finished their meds today.

I, on the other hand, have an unconfirmed case of swine flu. Boo. All day on Monday I was feeling a little off, and it just got worse as the day went on. By evening I was achy and my throat was scratchy. In the middle of the night I ran a fever. Tuesday Pete thankfully stayed home with the kids while I was in bed all day. Aidan was supposed to have a field trip, but it got canceled because the leader's family was sick. I finally went to Prompt Care in the afternoon in my pajamas. (This should tell you how bad I felt--I would NEVER do this otherwise!) After a 1.5 hour wait, they agreed that it was most likely H1N1 and that I would be better in 5-7 days.

Pete went back to work this morning and I parented from the couch most of the day. He came home at lunch and did a little school with Aidan. (Tuesday Aidan was happy there was no school, but by today he really wanted to "do school.") I think they might do some more tonight after taekwondo.

Pete has a conference to go to next week, so please pray with us that 1) I feel better soon, 2) the kids don't get it from me, and 3) Pete doesn't get it. We have sanitized the house and are continuing to do so when we can.

Thanks to good friends who have offered to bring us dinner this week. Looking forward to gondolas tonight.

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