Wednesday, October 28, 2009

apple picking

Earlier this month we went apple picking with the Treat family. We were SO excited to finally meet them after lots of conversations online and on the phone. Erica's kids are each about one year older than ours, and Eben and Aidan got along smashingly. :) Iona and Abel are from the same transition home in Ethiopia.

We played in the kid area at Curtis Orchard for awhile, had lunch in the cafe, and then went apple picking. It was very crowded that day and a little muddy, but we had a really good time with them and the kids did wonderfully. Since the Treats are living nearby for the next year, we hope to do more with them. They are also homeschooling using the Well-Trained Mind, like us. I heard lots of fun stories of what I have to look forward to with Aidan for next year. As we were getting ready to go, there was a little accident with Pete's bounced on the concrete. His nice camera. Thankfully the Lord spared it and it still works.

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