Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nesting and adoption update

I've been too busy to blog sorry I haven't kept everyone up to date on the adoption. This week we are expecting a phone call from our agency saying we got our Article 5, which is the last approval we need before travel approval. We should get our travel approval about 2-4 weeks later, and then we travel 2-4 weeks after that.

Meanwhile, we are in the middle of a health insurance company change, including most of our doctors. We also had to complete Iona's annual report for Ethiopia. And we've been nesting...we went to IKEA to get more shelving and have been moving just about every bookshelf around our house. We got bunk beds for the boys, ordered Brendan's dresser and car booster seat, got travel books, got a new camera, etc. We took a short trip to St. Louis. We went to our first homeschool convention and bought the rest of our curriculum for next year.

Today we took a break and went to Wildlife Prairie State Park for their Olde English Faire and got to see knights, pirates, ninjas, jousting, and all manner of middle ages stuff. Aidan even got to throw some real throwing stars. We hung out with good friends from college and their kids for the day, and they offered to take our kids the whole time we are in China!! HUGE answer to prayer on so many levels.

And somewhere in all this prep before we leave I'm trying to do some homeschool planning for the new school year...

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