Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We received a phone call on Friday, Dec 10 with a possible referral!

On Monday of that week we submitted our application for the waiting child program, and on Friday around lunchtime we had a phone interview to clarify our specific requests and answer any questions we had.

ONE HOUR LATER, we got the CALL!

He was on the shared referral system and not yet reserved for our family, and we were able to take the weekend to talk with doctors and pray and consider him for our family. On Monday the 13th we indicated to our agency that we wanted to pursue him, and by Thursday the 16th our electronic acceptance was submitted to China. On Thursday morning we also received an update with answers to questions we asked about him.

We are delighted to welcome Brendan into our family! (We are keeping his Chinese name as his middle name and can't post details until our dossier is officially accepted in China.) He is 4.5 and will turn 5 in June. His special need is called bilateral strabismus, which basically means he probably only needs glasses.

Today we received a BUNCH of new photos of Brendan, as the original ones we received were over a year old. SO CUTE! Can't wait to show you!

Next steps:
  • We just recently submitted our I-800A to USCIS and hope to receive the all-important paper from them by February.
  • We are working on certifying and authenticating the rest of our dossier so it's ready and waiting.
  • Once the USCIS paperwork is received and we notarize, certify, and authenticate it, our dossier will be ready to go to China...hopefully still in February.
  • Possible travel dates? August or September we think, though with adoption, all things are subject to change without prior notice.


  1. We are so excited for you! Praying that the rest of the journey goes smoothly.


  2. Congratulations!!! God Bless.

    The Hensley Family

  3. I wanted to say congratulations on your referral acceptance of Brendan! So very excited for your family!!!

    All the best,